brief introduction

Dr. Allan H.K. Yuen began his career in education when he became a secondary school teacher in 1980. After ten years successful service as a teacher and subject panel chair of mathematics and computer studies, he started his career in higher education. Before joining HKU, he worked at various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and Melbourne for seven years. Dr. Yuen joined the HKU Faculty of Education in 1997. He was appointed the Head of the Division of Information and Technology Studies (2002-2005), Associate Dean (2005-2009), and Warden of Lee Hysan Hall (2006-2009). He was awarded the “Faculty Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award” in 2010. Dr. Yuen is currently Associate Professor in Information & Technology Studies, and Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education ( He has led more than 50 funded research projects, and has over 240 publications including books, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, and reports. Dr Yuen has broad and deep experience in schooling and educational change. He has a strong background in both qualitative and quantitative research. His particular expertise is in the areas of technology adoption and pedagogical innovations, especially those related to e-learning. Dr. Yuen presented papers at numerous academic conferences around the world. He has been making extensive contributions to the academic as well as professional communities, such as delivering lectures, seminars, and workshops; participating in editorial board of international journals; organizing international conferences; and reviewing journal articles and conference papers.


professional services & contribution

Dr. Yuen serves the community actively including professional associations, government agencies, and business organizations, such as:

l   President, Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT)

l   Editor, Journal of Communication and Education (JCE)

l   Member of Scientific Committee, QWERTY – Journal of education, culture and technology

l   Editorial Board Member, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET)

l   School Council Member, SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School

l   Supervisor & School Council Member, St. Mark’s School

l   Supervisor & School Council Member, Heep Yunn School

l   Member, Assessment and Monitoring Sub-committee (AMS), Quality Education Fund (QEF), 2009-2015


Education & Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy & Mathematics)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1976-1980

Diploma in Christian Studies

China Graduate School of Theology, 1982-1985

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Mathematics & Computer Studies)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1985-1987

Master of Arts (Education)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1987-1989

Dissertation title: A study of the relationship between teacher-pupil interpersonal orientations and teacher classroom leadership in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (106p)

Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computer Science

La Trobe University, 1991-1992

Doctor of Philosophy (Artificial Intelligence)

La Trobe University, 1992-1995

Dissertation title: Computer Support for Theory Construction from Qualitative Data Analysis in Social Science (227p)