Dr. Yuen’s primary research interests focus on technology adoption and change in education at classroom, school and system level. These interests are developed in a diverse range of research areas including e-learning, pedagogical innovations, organizational change, social and cultural aspects of ICT use, e-leadership, students’ and teachers’ perception of ICT, blended and flexible learning, digital divide in education, and teacher development. Each of these research interests have received external funding and led to publications. He has extensive experience in large-scale, international educational research projects. He was, for instance, a key member of the Second International Information Technology in Education Study (SITES). The SITES is an international comparative study which consists of 3 modules carried out in succession, conducted under the auspices of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). The first, second, and third module of the study was completed in 1999, 2003, and 2008 respectively. He has conducted more than 50 funded research projects focusing on the aforementioned research areas. These projects have led to more than 240 publications including books, monographs, refereed journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, and research reports.


CURRENT Research Projects


l  Student Acceptance and Continuance of Learning Management System Usage: A School-based Longitudinal Study, Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF); 2014-2017. 

l  Reshaping eLearning Environments: Building Communities of Good Practice in Using Moodle, Teaching Development Grant (TDG), 2015-2017

l  Blended Games for Learning, Faculty Teaching Development Fund, 2015-2016

l  The Digital Divide in Education: An Experiential Understanding, Research Grants Council, Public Policy Research; 2012-2015.

COMPLETED Research Projects


l  Research Study on the Pilot Scheme on e-Learning in Schools, EDB project, Hong Kong Government; 2011-2014

l  Students’ Use of ICT Outside School and Parenting Styles (HKU-Small Project Grant; 2013-2014)

l  The Apps for Parents and Teachers: Nurturing the Digital Natives (HKU-KE Project; 2013-2014)

l  Nurturing Kindergarten Kids in the Digital Age (Professor Shirley Grundy’s Memorial Fund-Knowledge Exchange Grant); 2013-2014

l  Students’ Adoption of e-Learning Technology Usage and their Conceptions of Learning (HKU-Small Project Grant), 2012-2013.

l  Educational Inequality and ICT Use in Schools: Bridging the Digital Divide (Research Grants Council, Public Policy Research; Project Number: HKU7025-PPR-10); 2010-2012

l  Digital Divide in Higher Education: A Pilot Study (Faculty of Education, Faculty Research Fund); 2009-2010

l  Evaluating e-Learning implementation in the Faculty of Education (Faculty of Education, Faculty Teaching Development Fund); 2010-2011

l  Pedagogy and ICT Use in Higher Education: A Systems Inquiry (HKU-Small Project Grant); 2009-2010

l  Course Management Systems in Higher Education: A Lever for Educational Change, RGC - General Research Fund (GRF), 2006-2009; completed in 2009

l  Visualization of Relations in Tag Search, Faculty Research Fund, 2007-2008; completed in 2008

l  Revamp of the Teachers’ IT Training Framework, EMB of Hong Kong Government, 2006-2007, completed in 2007

l  Acceptance of e-learning technology in primary schools, HKU-CRCG, 2005-2008; completed in 2008

l  Technology Supported Project-based Learning: An International Comparison of Pedagogical Innovations, Faculty Research Fund, 2005-2006; completed in 2006

l  Understanding Attitudes and Predicting student Acceptance of e-learning Technology in Higher Education, Faculty Research Fund, 2004-2005; completed in 2005

l  Planning and Setting up Information Technology in Educational Development Courses for School Teachers in Science Education; EMB Consultancy Project, Hong Kong Government; completed in 2005

l  Understanding Attitudes And Predicting Teacher Technology Acceptance: A Longitudinal Study; Funded by CITE R&D Fund; completed in 2004 

l  Learning from Action: Exploring Teacher-Change in the Implementation of Information Technology in the Mathematics Classroom; Funded by the INSTEP Research Grants of HKU; completed in 2003.

l  Building Learning Communities through Project Works and Knowledge Construction; Funded by the Quality Education Fund; completed in 2002

l  Learner-Centred Support System for Learning Algorithm Design; Funded by a CRCG grant of HKU; completed in 2001.

l  Study on the Influence of ICT on Youth; A project commissioned by the Commission on Youth of the Hong Kong Government; completed in 2001


l  Testing a model of the antecedents and consequences of ICT literacy: A structural equation modelling approach (HKU-Small Project Grant); 2012-2013 (PI: Dr. Wilfred Lau).

l  Internet ethics of adolescents: Understanding demographic differences (Faculty Small Project Grant); 2012-2013 (PI: Dr. Wilfred Lau).

l  Confucian Educational Values and Social Mobility in Diaspora : Soviet Koreans in Kyrgyzstan (HKU-Small Project Grant); (PI: Dr. Jae Park); 2010-2012

l  Support Self-Directed Learning in Interdisciplinary Studies by Developing a Knowledge Visualization and Navigation System (PI: Dr. Maggie M. Wang); HKU – Teaching Development Grant (TDG); 2009-2011

l  Building Communities of Good Practices in Using IT in the Curriculum, HKU-TDG (PI: Dr. Bob Fox), 2007-2011

l  Development of Evaluation Tools for Assessing Students’ Information Literacy and Promoting Information Literacy among students (PI: Prof. Nancy Law), EDB project, Hong Kong Government, 2009-2011

l  Second International Information Technology in Education Study 2006, Funded by Quality Education Fund and Microsoft (PI: Dr. Nancy Law); as the National Research Coordinator (NRC) of Hong Kong for SITES 2006; completed in 2010

l  Information Literacy Performance Assessment (ILPA); January 2006 – April 2008 (PI: Dr. N. Law); completed in 2008

l  Students’ Information Literacy Performance Assessment for an International School; Completed in 2008 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  Systemic ILN Integration into Faculty of Education Learning and Teaching Programs, HKU-TDG (PI: Dr. Bob Fox), 2006-2008; completed in 2008

l  Engineers meet teachers: An interactive multimedia e-learning system  for cross-discipline teaching and learning in teacher and engineer education (PI: Dr. Henry Lau) HKU-TDG, 2006-2008; completed in 2008

l  Establishing a scalable network of knowledge building school, Quality Education Fund (PI: Dr. Nancy Law), completed in 2007

l  Evaluating and enhancing the impact of the e-leadership programme (eLEP) eLeadership Case Stories (PI: Dr. Nancy Law); Completed in 2006

l  Development of an Interactive Platform for the consolidation and dissemination of good practices through the Internet in schools (Phase I) and 'Good Practices on IT in Education' Interactive Platform (Phase II); Completed in 2006 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  Educational Practice and change: beyond technology, RGC - GRF project (PI: Dr. Bob Fox), 2004-2006, completed in 2006

l  Digital environments: a lever for change in higher education practices, HKU-CRCG (PI: Dr. Bob Fox), 2004-2005, completed in 2005

l  Hub Schools for Establishing Knowledge Building (; Research project funded by the UGC, (PI: Dr. Nancy Law); completed in 2004

l  Investigating the Formation of Knowledge Building Communities in Technology Support Environments; Research project funded by the UGC, completed in 2004 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  The Status of Information and Communication Technology in Hong Kong Schools in an International Comparative Perspective: the Second Information Technology in Education Study – Module 2; Funded by the Quality Education Fund, completed in 2003 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  LEARNET: Hong Kong Learning Resources Network Learning Object Project; Funded by UGC-TDG; (PI: Dr. Ian Hart); completed in 2003

l  Evaluation of IT in Education Projects in Hong Kong; Project commissioned by the Education Department of the HKSAR Government, completed in 2001 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  Self-directed Learning with Information Technology Scheme (SLITS): An Approach to Secondary-Tertiary Interface; Project funded by the UGC Grants for developing the interface between tertiary and school sectors, completed in 2000 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  The Status of Information and Communication Technology in Hong Kong Schools in an International Comparative Perspective: the Second Information Technology in Education Study – Module 1; Funded by the Quality Education Fund, completed in 2000 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  Educating Teachers for the Information Age; Action Learning Project funded by UGC, completed in 1999 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)

l  Pilot Study and Research on the Academic Ability Assessment; This is a research project funded by the Education Department, completed in 1998 (PI: Dr. K.C. Wong)

l  A Policy Study on Hong Kong Information Technology Education; This is a joint policy research project with the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute funded by the University of Hong Kong Foundation and Telecom IMS, completed in 1998 (PI: Dr. Nancy Law)