invited lectures / presentations

l  Reshaping Learning Environments for the Digital Generation, Learning & Teaching Expo 2014, 11-13 December 2014, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Convention Centre.

l  Transforming Higher Education: Education Technology Innovations and Learning Spaces of the Future, The 6th Annual Higher Education Summit, 24-25 September 2014, Singapore.

l  Online Assessment: Innovation and Transformation, HKEAA Seminar for Teachers, 2-3 July 2014, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.

l  E-Learning and Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education, The 2014 International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: The New Generation Learners, 30 May 2014, Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University.

l  eLearning@HKU: Looking Backward, Thinking Forward, FutureGov Forum Singapore, 22 April 2014, Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

l  Christian Faith and Liberal Studies in the Digital Age, Christian Liberal Studies Colloquium, 18 January 2014, Hong Kong: Schools for Christ Foundation.

l  E- E-Learning and Disruptive Innovation, Annual Conference: China Association for Educational Technology, 13-16 December 2013, Hainan: Haikou.

l  Learning in Higher Education: Thinking beyond Technology, Learning and Teaching Conference: Innovative Teaching, E-Learning, and Student Learning, 25 April 2013, Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Institute of Education

l  Social Media, Education & Communication, Annual Meeting of Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology, 23 February 2013, Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong

l  Digital Divide in Education: Students’ ICT Use in and outside School, Annual Conference: China Association for Educational Technology, 7-10 December 2012, Guangdong: Dongguan.

l  Students’ ICT Use and Educational Inequality, Seminar organized by the College of Education, Shenzhen University, 31 October 2012, Shenzhen: Shenzhen University.

l  Implementing e-Learning in Schools: Moving Beyond the Myths, e-Learning Seminar, Oxford University Press, 12 May 2012, Hong Kong: Langham Place Hotel.

l  Blended Learning in Higher Education: Patterns of Pedagogical Approaches, Higher Education & ICT Forum, 28-29 March 2012, Johannesburg: Crown Plaza, Rosebank.

l  Education, Communication & Technology, Annual Meeting of Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology, 11 February 2012, Hong Kong: Shue Yan University

l  Hong Kong Education System, The 2011 PESI Student Leadership Forum, 29 July to 8 August, 2011, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, organized by Professional & Educational Services International.

l  eLearning futures: where to from here?, CITE Research Symposium 2011, 30 June, 2011, Hong Kong: Centre for Information Technology in Education, The University of Hong Kong.

l  Information Literacy Education: A Pointer to i-Generation Parents, Knowledge exchange seminar, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, 9 April 2011.

l  Multiliteracies for the 21st century, Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology 2010 Conference, 27 November 2010, Hong Kong: HKUSPACE Admiralty Centre

l  The Changing Face of Education in Hong Kong, Teachers' International Professional Development (TIPD) Programme, Organized by the British Council, 22 October 2010, Hong Kong: Cultural Activities Hall, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre

l  Innovative Use of ICT for Administration and Management Services, Regional Seminar on the Impact of the Economic Crisis on Higher Education and the Use of ICT in Universities in Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Asia and the Pacific Regional Bureau for Education Commission of Higher Education, 30 June – 2 July 2010, Bangkok, Thailand: Queen’s Park Imperial Hotel

l  Walking with Generation Y, Seminar on Youth Work in Macau, Macau District of Sheng Kung Hui (Hong Kong Anglican Church), 11 June 2010, Macau: Choi Kou Middle School

l  Education Reform and Religious Education, Seminar on Religious Education, Sheng Kung Hui (Hong Kong Anglican Church) Religious Education Centre, 12 January 2010, Hong Kong: St. John’s Cathedral

l  Policies, practices and impact of IT in education in Hong Kong since 1998, CITE Research Symposium 2009, Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong, March 2009.

l  Designing Learning Environments for Mathematics Education, Open Lecture, Chung Tai Educational Press, Hong Kong: Eaton Hotel, March 7, 2009.

l  Pedagogy and ICT Use in Hong Kong Schools: An International Comparative Perspective, 2008 International Conference on ICT Assisted Cross-Cultural Learning and Application Project for Elementary and Junior High Schools, 19-20 December 2008, Organized by Shu-Te University & MOE Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

l  Information Technology Professional Development for Hong Kong Teachers: Reflections on a 10 Year Journey, ICT Education & Science and Mathematics Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne,  23 July 2008.

l  Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age, Open Lecture for teachers, 29 November 2007, Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR Government.

l  Religious Education @ e-Generation, Open Seminar, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, 1 April 2007, Hong Kong.

l  e-Generation and e-Culture, CWM Creative Workshop 2006, 28 July 2006, Council for World Mission (CWM) in the East Asia Region, Hong Kong.

l  Teaching for Change: The Power of an Inspiring Lecture, Teachers Forum 2005, 10 December 2005, HKU SPACE, Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong.

l  Technology Supported Project Work as Pedagogical Innovation: An International Comparative Perspective, 2005 Global Project Based Learning Forum and Exhibition, Taiwan.

l  An International Comparative Case Study of Innovative Teaching Practices Using Technology, International Seminar on e-Education & e-Learning: Benchmarking the Best Practices in Using Information Technology, 28 June 2004, HKU SPACE, Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong.

l  ICT as a Lever for Student Change and Development, Open Lecture for teachers and principals, January 2004, EMB of Hong Kong Government.

l  Knowledge Management in Education: Experiences and Development in Hong Kong, Annual Meeting - The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, February 2004

l  Open-ended Question in Mathematics Education: Design and Evaluation, Open Lecture, Chung Tai Educational Press, 2004.

l  Lifelong Learning and Learning Communities in the Knowledge Age, Conference on “Community Education and Lifelong Learning”, 26-28 September 2003, Macau: University of Macau.

l  Building Collaborative Learning Platform for Hong Kong, Knowledge Management Conference 2003, Hong Kong, November 2003.

l  ICT Implementation in Hong Kong Schools: Findings from a preliminary review and evaluation of the HKSAR 5-year IT in education strategy plan, CITE Research Symposium 2002, The University of Hong Kong.

l  Electronic Books, Public Lecture organized by Central Management Committee for Diocesan Schools, 2002

l  Using Information Technology in Mathematics Education, Open Lecture, Chung Tai Educational Press, 2002

l  The Promised Land of IT in Education: Dreams and Possibilities, Symposium on the Development of IT in Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong, 15 December 2001.

l  Mathematics Education in the Information Age, Open Lecture, Chung Tai Educational Press, 2001

l  Innovations in Curriculum and Instruction: Theory and Practice, Second Academic Conference 2000, Hong Kong Institute of Education, May 2000.

l  Internet and Christian Faith, public seminar organized by China Graduate School of Theology, December 2000.

l  Paradigm Shift: Practices and Experiences in Hong Kong Primary Schools, “IT in Education” public lecture organized by the Hong Kong Educational Press, May 2000.

l  IT for Teaching and Learning, public lecture organized by the Hong Kong Economic Times, August 1999



Dr. Yuen has been teaching the following courses in undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels at the HKU Faculty of Education since 1997:

l  Multimedia in Education

l  Teaching and Learning with Information Technology

l  Ethics and Education in the Digital Age

l  Managing Information Technology for School Development

l  Information Technology and Educational Leadership

l  Curriculum Reform and Information Technology

l  Multimedia Case Study

l  Staff Development and School Change in the Information Age

l  Research Methods

l  Innovative Pedagogical Practices Using Information Technology

l  Internet for Teaching and Learning

l  Computers in Education

l  Educational Technology

l  Understanding Educational Research in Action

l  Educational Enquiry and Assessment

l  Research and Development in Information Technology in Education

l  Computer Studies (Major Method)

l  Mathematics (Major Method)



Dr. Yuen has been supervising numerous dissertations at masters and doctoral levels at HKU. A list of completed dissertations is as follows.


PhD / EdD Dissertations

l   Digital Divide in Education: A Shift to Ethical Usage

l   Learning with Multimodal Meaning Representation: Engaging students in creating video representation on community issues

l   Spoken vocabulary acquisition in students with autism in multimedia-facilitated context

l   Exploring the relationships among gender, learning style, mental model, and programming performance: Implications for learning and teaching of computer programming

l   Educational use of PDAs: undergraduate student experiences

l   Understanding Online Knowledge Sharing: An Interpersonal Perspective

l   Implementing Knowledge Management in School Environment: A Principal’s Leadership-Driven Approach

l   Cultivating blog-supported learning communities of pre-service teachers

l   The Political Potentials of Visual Technology: A Postmodern Perspective

MEd / MSc Dissertations

l   The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge: A Phenomenological Review and It’s Implications on Mathematics Education

l   Students' Attitude Towards Computer and the Affective Domain in Learning Mathematics

l   Motivation on the Internet Usage in Secondary Schools

l   A Case Study of Basic IT Training for Teachers in Hong Kong

l   Using computer assisted concept mapping as a cognitive tool in visual art learning

l   Learning algebra with computer-assisted program in primary school

l   Impact of school administration computerization on Extension Activities Management

l   Integrating computer literacy across subjects

l   A Further Implementation Plan for the Provision of Resource Support of the Five Year Strategy

l   Sociological and Psychological Aspects of Internet Swearwords

l   Impact of Virtual Community on Identity Formation of Adolescents

l   The Impact of Internet on Loneliness of Hong Kong Secondary Students

l   Exploring the critical features of learning communities in Hong Kong primary schools

l   A study of characteristics of youth s interpersonal relationships in cyberspace

l   Information Technology & Youth: Ethical Landscape in Focus

l   Students  attitudes towards learning accounting by the use of discussion forum: a case study

l   Using Spreadsheet as Mindtool in Studying Economics: A Case Study

l   Student Motivation in Knowledge Forum on Fostering Knowledge Building Communities

l   Impacts of Internet Addiction on youths in Hong Kong

l   Impacts of Internet on Youth's Peer Relationship

l   Exploring the cognitive conflict in learning through Knowledge Forum

l   Exploring Students' Technology Acceptance in Working Online

l   Roles of principles in ICT integration : A case study of an international school

l   Applying Computer-mediated Concept Mapping on Problem-Based Learning in Biology

l   Sex Education in Hong Kong - In what ways can ICT play a role?

l   Diffusion and Innovation of ICT in Hong Kong School Practice

l   Effect of Parents' Technology Perception on Children's Technology Acceptance

l   The interaction of different gender groupings in a web-based project in a secondary school

l   Internet Addiction and Student Academic Achievement

l   Computer ethics: Youth attitude and behavior in digital piracy

l   Capabilities and Limitations of Using Information Technology in Teaching Mathematics: a case study

l   Using ICT to foster Higher Order Thinking in Learning Mathematics

l   Acquiring Internet communication concepts through computer supported collaborative learning

l   Using Web-based Assessment for Learning and Teaching Primary Mathematics

l   Using Computer Algebra System in Teaching Secondary School Algebra

l   Investigating student adoption of a web-based learning platform in higher education

l   A knowledge management system for school assessment

l   The impact of ICT on Parental Involvement - a case study

l   Towards a model for evaluation of educational web sites

l   Learning marketing through simulation software

l   Looking for Quality and Quantity of Participation in Online Forums